All Organic Portable Nutrition

The leader in sustainable organic Portable Nutrition.
Kick start a metabolic burn.
A clean burning complex carbohydrate.

18 Grams of vegan protein to aid in recovery.
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What we do at The Edge:

Portable Nutrition

We believe that wholesome food can be both delicious and portable.

100% Organic

Proudly made with 100% organic ingredients and we source Fair Trade products wherever possible.


At The Edge Food Energy Company, environmental responsibility is at the core of our business philosophy.


The Edge Food Energy bars are vegan-friendly and wholly made from the finest organic ingredients.

What’s new:

What our community says:

“I just used the cranberry lime bar on the Osoyoos Desert Half Ironman — ate bits of it on the most brutal 90km bike ride of my life and this was my sustenance and it was AWESOME! No stomach aches, no bloat, no gas – just real food & I have never felt better – thank you!”

Nikki Nelson-Jomha – Triathlon racer

Thanks for the amazing energy bars, they are the best I have tried.

Jesse Fromowitz
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